Manila Baywalk Sunset

Manila Baywalk is a bit rundown nowadays, but the world-famous sunset (allegedly the best among the world’s cities according to Lonely Planet’s ‘The Cities Book’ due to the air pollution that enhances the display)–is the daily spectacle that redeems the messy urban sprawl of all its noise, sleaze and taxi drivers from hell. On Sundays, it’s a leisurely place to seek respite, basking in the orange haze of nature’s light show with peanuts and fishballs for popcorn. Just make sure to be extra careful after sundown when shadier characters begin their prowl. At night, the bright fountain crowning Liwasang Rajah Sulayman across Malate Church stages a lively performance of its own.

To get to Baywalk, go down Quirino LRT Station and stroll down San Andres St. (or through Remedios Circle to check out Malate nightlife before it awakens) until you reach Roxas Boulevard, lined with multicolored lamp posts.   

9 Replies to “Manila Baywalk Sunset”

  1. Alexis says:

    I love the colors here. The last one especially, with the shadows and the blue and yellow light of the sky.

    And that dog is just too cute! 😀

  2. wow eddie! these are great photos! ganda ng sillhouette and the colors are really nice! kinakareer ang lomography ah! mishu na!

  3. Cebu says:

    This is just one of those interesting facets of Manila that I am egging to shoot, when next time, in my visit there!

    Thanks for the share. This Lomography has taken the country by storm.

  4. EAZY says:

    @alexis & punky: Thank you for dropping by. You guys should shoot Baywalk especially during Sunday afternoons!

    @clee: Do keep me posted on your visits. Let’s go on a phototrip around the city! Cheers.

  5. yeah go eddie! just text me the day before when you’re going, i miss phototipping with friends na!

  6. Angeli says:

    Hi Ed! Wonderful site! I’m inspired to do a bit of traveling with my lomo again… if I find my LCA!! Waahhh! my fave is the dog! So cute and your photo just captured the essence of Pinoy pet owners 😉 made me smile!

  7. EAZY says:

    Angge! Do drop by often 🙂 Hope you’ll find you lomo soon. Thanks.

  8. Superb ang imong mga Baywalk photos! Wow na wow!

  9. EAZY says:

    @dodong: Thank you very much. Manila Baywalk is always a pleasant place to photograph 🙂

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