EAZY on QTV-11’s ‘Dare Duo’

My interview for DARE DUO‘s travel episode will finally air on Saturday (August 29), 8:10 P.M. QTV-11. It will be part of a segment on people who have dared to travel the Philippines. Hope you guys can catch it on the long weekend!

DARE DUO offers viewers out there a chance to fulfill their dreams together with two of the hottest, craziest and most-admired hunks in town – Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez. Together, these two buddies will help and accompany the dare senders get their lists done.

DARE DUO airs every Saturday at 8:10 p.m. on Q.

4 Replies to “EAZY on QTV-11’s ‘Dare Duo’”

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  2. UPDATED THIS POST! The episode was moved to August 29.

  3. Hope you guys can catch this tomorrow night! I will miss it, since I will be out of town 🙁 Happy long weekend!

  4. veronizm says:

    sayang wala ko kakita ani dah. naa kay video? 😀

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