Far Eastern University: the Philippines’ Largest Art Deco Complex

Surprisingly, one can find an oasis of artistry in the chaos of Manila’s University Belt. Established in 1934 and recognized by UNESCO for its cultural conservation efforts, the Far Eastern University in Sampaloc, Manila is the largest Art Deco complex in the country, featuring architecture, paintings and sculptures of several artists during this art movement during the American occupation that celebrated symmetry, geometry, and the industrial age.

HOW TO GET HERE: Alight at LRT-1 Doroteo Jose Station, or LRT-2 Recto Station. Organized walking tours by Old Manila Walks, or schedule a tour with Martin Lopez, email: malopez@feu.edu.ph, tel: +63 (2) 7364897.

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Cubist Sculptures of Vicente Manansala (1920-1981)

Representationalist murals by Antonio Dumlao (1912-1983)

Stained glass ‘Sarimanok’ artwork by Antonio Dumlao (1912-1983)

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  1. Rica says:

    would you know if theyre strict with visitors now? i really want to check out the campus too. =)

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