Cameron Highlands, Pahang: Dreamlike Mossy Forests of Gunung Brinchang [SP]

Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang
Fairytale-like mossy forests of Gunung Brinchang. Big Bad Wolf not included.

A diversion road from the junction to the BOH Tea Plantation and Factory leads to the dreamy forested slopes of Gunung Brinchang (Mt. Brinchang), the second tallest peak in Cameron Highlands at 2000 meters high. A four-story high observation tower, flanked by telecommunication towers, tops the summit of the mountain, providing a fantastic vantage point – most especially when the weather is clear – to survey the nearby forests, countryside and towns of Cameron Highlands. This is a popular vantage point to watch the sunrise, but due to the occurrence of haze, which would otherwise obstruct the sun, we were advised by the tour operator to visit the mountain only as part of a full-day tour.

Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang
Observation watchtower and telecommunication towers at the summit of Gunung Brinchang
Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang
Nepenthes pitcher plants

Upon descending the mountain, we stopped the side of the access road to take quick hike through the mossy forest that carpet the mountain. The tangle of warp tree branches and roots enveloped in dewy moss and ferns gave the environment a somewhat fairy-tale atmosphere. One could easily imagine the Big Bad Wolf lurking in some damp and dark corner! 

Before we started began to lose ourselves in childish imaginings, our tour guide directed our attention to the Nepenthes pitcher plants dangling from some branches. Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanism features a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap. The plants we spotted were mostly green and red in color; while we saw another that was dominantly white. While the environment was mostly green, there were also a few hints of color from small flowering shrubs that grew around the base of some trees. 

Our sneak peek of the mossy forest left me wanting for more. I wouldn’t mind spending more time exploring this environment, which was altogether to the tropical lowland forests I’m accustomed to. After the Rafflesia jungle trek at Lojing Highlands, this was my favorite destination of the day!

Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang
View from the Observation Watchtower at the summit of Gunung Brinchang

HOW TO GET THERE: Visits to Gunung Brinchang can be arranged through tour operators in Tanah Rata. Our visit was part of a full-day tour that included other destinations, for only MYR 98 per person. We booked through Hill Top Travel & Tour, No. 24, Main Road, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands.

This trip was made possible by Airphil Express – which now flies from Manila to Kuala Lumpur thrice weekly – in cooperation with Tourism Malaysia and travel insurance provider, Travel Guard Chartis.  

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