Cameron Highlands, Pahang: Savoring Venison (Deer Meat) & Steamboat Hotpot at Rosette Café [SP]

Steamboat Hotpot
Ready to start cookin’ with the steamboat hotpot – a Cameron Highlands specialty

Our dinners at Cameron Highlands were spent at a lovely cafe called Rosette, which was a stone’s throw from our hotel along the main road of Tanah Rata. Interestingly, Irene, the waitress, was Filipino – she is one of only eleven Filipinos working in Cameron Highlands – so we really felt at home dining at this eatery, of course, on top of its cozy country ambience and convenient location at the heart of town.

Rosette Cafe
Rosette Cafe serves good food with cozy ambience

On our first night, we enjoyed a “steamboat” dinner feast (MYR 19 per person), a Chinese hotpot similar to Japanese shabu-shabu, wherein you cook your seafood, meat and vegetables in your chosen kind of soup. We had a combination of curry and tom yam soup, with platefuls of raw seafood, chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and noodles for us to cook in the broth ourselves. The steamy feast was particularly comforting when enjoyed in the chilly environs of Cameron Highlands. No wonder it’s the top choice for travelers when visiting the hill resort town!  

Black Pepper Venison (Deer Meat)
Black Pepper Venison – deer-licious!

The following night we had a hearty meal of cream of mushroom (MYR 5.50), claypot chicken (MYR 17) and – for something a little different – black pepper venison (MYR 20), made from locally sourced deer meat. The venison was my favorite – the meat was very supple and, thanks to the spicy sauce, savory as well. I think it was my first time to try deer meat. Rosette Cafe definitely has the right ingredients for a foodie’s haven, adventurous or otherwise. I highly recommend this place.

HOW TO GET THERE: Rosette Cafe is located along the main road of Tanah Rata, the center of Cameron Highlands. If Rosette is full, there’s a sister restaurant called Rosedale on the second floor. Address: 42, Jalan Besar, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang. Tel: 05-491 3159

This trip was made possible by Airphil Express – which now flies from Manila to Kuala Lumpur thrice weekly – in cooperation with Tourism Malaysia and travel insurance provider, Travel Guard Chartis.

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