Kuala Lumpur: Snacking at Yut Kee Restaurant, An 84-Year-Old Kopitiam [SP]

Yut Kee Restaurant
Yut Kee specialties – roti babi and pork chop
Yut Kee Restaurant
Yut Kee – one of the last authentic kopitiams in Kuala Lumpur

After returning from Cameron Highlands, we met up with some Malaysian bloggers, who treated us to a snack at Yut Kee Restaurant, one of the last remaining authentic kopitiams in Kuala Lumpur. Traditionally, kopitiams were owned by Hainanese families who knew their patrons very well. Today, many of these businesses have moved to managing large scale restaurants that serve Western cuisine.

Yut Kee Restaurant
This antique safe is as old as the restaurant!

Owned by the Lee family, Yut Kee was established in 1928. Interestingly, there are a couple of antiques at the restaurant that date back to its foundation, and are still being used to this day: a classic insurance safe and glass bread display. The restaurant is now being managed by Mervyn Lee, the third generation of owners.

We had butter cake and kaya toast, together with their bestselling dishes, roti babi (pork bun, MYR 8) and pork chop (MYR 10) in mushroom sauce, a dish with British colonial influence.

Yut Kee Restaurant
Snacking at Yut Kee with Malaysian bloggers!

Special thanks to Malaysian bloggers Rebecca, Kevin and Liu for hosting us.

HOW TO GET THERE: Yut Kee Restaurant is located along Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur. A taxi cab from within the city would cost you no more than MYR 10.

This trip was made possible by Airphil Express – which now flies from Manila to Kuala Lumpur thrice weekly – in cooperation with Tourism Malaysia and travel insurance provider, Travel Guard Chartis.

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  1. lamyerda.com says:

    Fave q ung pork in mushroom sauce! Nice meeting you 🙂 Thanks to Rebecca and friends! I’ll bring my friends there. 🙂

  2. Hi Riz, nice to meet you too! Yes, the pork chop was my favorite as well!

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