T’boli School Fundraiser: Bong Salamat (Thank you)!

Last September 13, I deposited all the donations to the Kesetifun Cultural Care Foundation, Inc. (KCCFI) for the Lake Sebu School of Living Traditions (SLT) I started raising money for, starting last June 30.  

From the very beginning, this endeavor was born out of bayanihan, of working together in whatever way possible. A couple of days after posting my project on my blog, the fundraiser website, www.lakesebuschool.com, was created pro bono by an Australian graphic designer friend. The project also reached a broader audience through an ABS-CBN.com article, made possible by another friend’s referral. Nearly 50 private donors – mostly from around the Philippines and some from as far as Hong Kong, Sweden and the US – donated a total of PHP 60,000 to rebuild an indigenous school for the local T’boli community. Together with the PHP 50,000 direct contribution of Solar News Network, a total of PHP 110,000 has been raised for the SLT in Sitio Lambanig, Lake Sebu, Philippines.

Thank you very much for sparing your time, skills and financial resources for the school. And on behalf of KCCFI founder Maria Todi-Arroz and the T’boli community in Lake Sebu, BONG SALAMAT!

Construction of the school has already begun. For updates, please like my Facebook page.

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