Anino Kite Resort: Best Beach Resort on Cuyo Island

Anino Retreat, Cuyo Island

Anino Retreat is the best beach resort on Cuyo Island, Palawan.

Anino Kite Resort (formerly Anino Retreat and Quijano Windsurfing Retreat) is the best beach resort on Cuyo Island, Palawan. The beach resort is located only a few kilometers from Cuyo Airport (serviced by twice weekly flights from Puerto Princesa) or 20-minutes by tricycle from Cuyo Port. I enjoyed a two-night complimentary stay at this seaside hideaway during my stay on the island.

Built on a verdant hillside along the quieter eastern coast of the island, this secluded beachside retreat consists of only three native-style bungalows overlooking the 400-meter long Victoria Beach (also known as Quijano Beach). Each bungalow comes with a private stonewalled garden that encloses an outdoor lounge area, shower and toilet. Built from bamboo and hardwood, the bungalows have a warm and cozy ambience inside. They are spacious enough to accommodate a four-poster bed, living space and veranda. Large windows and sliding doors allow more than enough natural ventilation that there is no need for electric fans or air-conditioning. Translucent bed drapery, quilted pillows and Balinese textiles add a rustic and romantic touch to the interior. Honeymooners will definitely relish the privacy and seclusion of the resort.

Anino Retreat, Cuyo Island

Practice kitesurfing with a training kite on Victoria Beach (Quijano Beach).

Victoria Beach (also called Quijano Beach) is a beautiful strip of golden sand with views of Mt. Bombon – the highest peak on Cuyo Island – and sunrises over the Sulu Sea and the offshore islands of Cocoro, Taguayan, Tabucbuc and Siparay. If you love water sports, then you’ll enjoy definitely enjoy this coastline. During the peak amihan season from December to February, strong and consistent onshore winds blow over the island, making the resort’s beachfront a hotspot for kitesurfing (kiteboarding) and windsurfing like Capusan Beach in Cuyo town. The calm waters over the sand flats are also ideal for paddle boarding and boating. A tiny manmade island offshore, which the resort staff has nicknamed Isla Bibingka or “Rice Cake Island”, marks a protected fish sanctuary that can be snorkeled during the calmer months of April and May. After sundown, bonfires can be arranged on the beach in a stonewalled area shielded from the wind.

Whether you’re looking for some seaside romance or an adventurous escape from the rest of the world, Anino Kite Resort is your dream beach escape.

Anino Retreat, Cuyo Island

A delicious appetizer – Thai mango papaya salad.

Anino Retreat, Cuyo Island

Each bungalow comes with private stonewalled garden and outdoor toilet and shower.

Anino Retreat, Cuyo Island

The native-style interior lends a rustic and romantic atmosphere.


Kitesurfers and windsurfers must bring their own equipment. However, the following sports equipment are available: kitesurfing training kite (free for guests), paddle board (PHP 200 per hour) and paddle bangka or outrigger boat (PHP 100 per hour).

Room Rates

Bungalows range from PHP 2,450 to PHP 4,750 per night during the peak season from October to April; and PHP 1,750 to PHP 3,750 during off-peak season from May to September. Single or double occupancy only, plus children.


Customized Asian and Western meals are prepared daily at PHP 240 per head for breakfast, PHP 360 per head for lunch, and PHP 420 per head for dinner. Prices exclusive of 10 % VAT and 12% service charge.

Anino Retreat

Anino Kite Resort has only three romantic villa-style bungalows.

How to Get There

Located in Barangay Lucbuan in Magsaysay town, Anino Kite Resort is only a few minutes away from Cuyo Aiport, serviced by twice weekly flights from Puerto Princesa. It can also be reached in 20-minutes by motorcycle or tricycle (PHP 200) from Cuyo Port, which can be reached by passenger ferry from Iloilo City and Puerto Princesa.

The beach resort is open to walk-in visitors, charging an entrance fee of PHP 20 per head for 15-minute sightseeing, PHP 50 per head for visits between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, and PHP 150 per head for evening visits between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

For more information, check out my travel guide on Cuyo Island, Palawan.

Contact Details

Anino Kite Resort (formerly Anino Retreat)
Address: Barangay Lucbuan, Magsaysay, Cuyo Island, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. +63 9296033275 or +63 9399179402 (Look for Victoria Peralta)  

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  1. Please check out Coco Verde Beach Resort also located on Cuyo Island. I’m the owner there since 2011 and no stay on our small island isn’t complete without a visit. Thanks!

    • eazytraveler says:

      Hi Alan, I did want to visit your resort during my stay on Cuyo Island and offered to review your establishment but was rudely turned down, so instead I stayed with Anino Retreat who was fortunately very accommodating!

  2. Your introduction by text was misleading. But thanks for the snark.

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