Langkawi Islands, Kedah, Malaysia: Rainforest Canopy Thrills at Skytrex Adventure @ Perdana Quay

Besides the mangrove kayaking tour at the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, another outdoor adventure that I really enjoyed in Langkawi through the recommendation of Kash Island Adventures is the rainforest canopy challenge at Skytrex Adventure @ Perdana Quay. This adventure park is situated in an old-growth forest at the southern edge of the northwestern Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, one of three parks comprising the UNESCO Global Geopark of Langkawi. Going all out on adventure, I went for the advanced-level “Island Extreme” circuit (MYR 65 per person) comprised of 35 thilling challenges across the forest canopy. Before going on the main trail, a guide briefed me on how to use the safety lines, walking me through a practice course that’s only a few meters from the ground. After I learned the ropes (pun intended), I was ready for the real thing!

Skytrex Adventure Langkawi

Learning the ropes on the practice trail.

Skytrex Adventure Langkawi

Climbing a towering merbau tree – the highlight of the Island Extreme course!

The highlight of the trail came early on in the circuit. I had to climb a hanging ladder up a gigantic merbau tree (Intsia bijuga) that was perhaps more than 50-meters (160 feet) tall! A species native to the Indo-Pacific region and found from Tanzania to Australia, the merbau has become a vulnerable species and extinct in many areas due to the irresponsible logging for its durable and termite-resistant timber that is often used for hardwood flooring. Skytrex Adventure can make the course more educational by posting informational signages that educate visitors about the flora and fauna found in the surrounding forest. Pulling myself up the giant merbau, my arms soon got tired and I had to pause a few times on the way up with my arms wrapped on the rungs as I admired the surrounding views. The lush vista was impressive, despite the seasonal haze caused by forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia. Now and then, I’d look anxiously below, realizing how high up I was. But was comforted by the fact that I was  latched on a safety line.

Skytrex Adventure Langkawi

Platforms allow you to rest between challenges and enjoy the rainforest views.

Skytrex Adventure Langkawi

Flying foxes (zipline) take you through a thrilling ride through the forest canopy.

After climbing the merbau, I slid down on a flying fox or zip line), then there was a shorter second tree I had to surmount. Thankfully, the rest of the course became more manageable. The rest of the circuit consistent of several more shorter ziplines, hanging ropes and net obstacles. It took me less than three hours to finish the entire Island Extreme course at a moderate pace with lots of time to spare documenting the entire experience with my DSLR and smartphone. Gadgets can be brought along at your own risk. It’s a fun and thrilling way to explore the rainforest of Langkawi, especially with family and friends; and a great way to have some healthy exercise and fresh air during your vacation on the island.

Skytrex Adventure @ Perdana Quay offers three adventure circuits that take you through a series of obstacles high up the rainforest canopy, namely the beginner-level Little Legend (MYR 45 per person), intermediate-level Eagle Thrill (MYR 55 per person) and the advanced-level Island Extreme (MYR 65 per person).

For more information, visit their website For expert travel advice on Langkawi, contact Kash Island Adventures at +60 17 3940759. Special thanks to Gaya Travel Magazine for arranging my trip to Langkawi.

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