Putrajaya, Malaysia: Dazzling Nights at Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU) 2015

Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya 2015

The highlight of Festival LAMPU Putrajaya are the projection mapping shows.

Our Kembara Putrajaya tour coincided with the Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya 2015, a light festival that draws hundreds of thousands of spectators annually to the administrative city as it bedazzles them with innovative light shows and exhibits. Now on its third year, the festival strives to introduce high-tech light designs, interactive light-related activities and energy efficient lighting materials such as innovative LED technology, in which countless innovations and dramatic energy savings will be realized in the years to come. The city of Putrajaya aims to be the light industrial hub in the near future, bringing the newest lighting technologies to Malaysia, hence earning a prominent spot in the global stage. LAMPU aims to deliver a relevant and exhilarating experience of light.

Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya 2015

Marching bands perform wearing LED-lit uniforms.

Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya 2015

Free-standing light sculptures make ideal spots for photo ops.

The most exciting event at the festival was the projection mapping show at the Palace of Justice.  A marching band dressed in LED lights performed to rev up the excitement among the crowd. After lengthy speeches by VIPs, the projection mapping show began much to the delight of the crowd who had gathered in front of the Palace of Justice. An evening shower delayed the show for a couple of hours, and the crowd had grown restless at this point. It was my second time ever to watch a projection mapping show; my first time was during the launch of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 at Dataran Merdeka.

Watch my Instagram video of the show:

Besides the nightly projection mapping shows throughout the festival, there were also garden lighting, free standing light sculptures and decorative light arches for visitors to enjoy snapping photos of. The event was a truly success with more 500,000 visitors in attendance! If anything, this record-breaking number shows that the future of LAMPU and what it strives for is brighter than ever.

This blog post was made possible through Kembara Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Putrajaya 2015, a media trip held last October 29 to 31, 2015 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and media coordinator, Gaya Travel Magazine.

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