Travel Gear Review | Expand Your Carry-On Luggage Space with Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Duffel from The Travel Club

eagle-creek-EC20418-no-matter-what-duffle-medium-firebrickEver end a trip having little or no luggage space left for all those pasalubong, souvenirs and shopping items you’ve inadvertently collected? During times like this, Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Duffel (S) – available at The Travel Club stores around the Philippines – offers a great solution for insufficient baggage.

It’s easy to store.

It’s a spacious 39-liter duffel bag that you fold up into a pouch for easy packing either in your check-in or main carry-on luggage once you set off on a trip. When you eventually need that extra space, you can just open it up from its heavy-duty pouch and – voila! – you have another roomy carry-on ready to accommodate all that extra stuff.

It’s convenient to carry.

Another simple but convenient feature that I loved about it was that the bag has a back slip panel, wherein retractable handles can slide through, so you can securely stack it on wheeled bags. One can then easily wheel it around on your trolley, saving you the hassle of lugging it around airports or bus terminals with its weight burdening your shoulders. My duffel bag has gone through a number of airports and transport terminals over the past weeks and I guarantee that it’s a smart choice for a carry-on.

It lasts a lifetime.

While the bag comes at a hefty price point, however, I think it’s a good investment considering its durability and lifetime warranty. This duffel is a toughie, constructed from abrasion-resistant, water repellent, Bi-Tech™ fabric. This equates to an exceptional strength to weight ratio. To test its water-resistance, I’ve carried around my bag in moderate rain during one of my recent travels, and it did keep the contents nice and dry.  So it can definitely handle a considerable amount of wear and tear during your rugged travel and adventures. Nonetheless, it’s covered by the No Matter What™ Warranty, a Lifetime Warranty promise plus the added insurance of repair or replacement due to damage, regardless of the cause.

Overall, I think Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Duffel is a perfect, long-lasting companion for airline travel, and, as a standalone piece of luggage, it’s also ideal for quick overnighters and weekend trips.

Eagle Creek No Matter What™ Duffel is available at The Travel Club stores across the Philippines. Visit for more information on store locations and other top-notch travel brands.

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