Who is EAZY Traveler?


I’m Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap, a travel writer, photographer and blogger from the Philippines with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). After working for seven years as a creative developer and strategic planner in the advertising industry in Manila, followed by a stint as a brand communications consultant in New York City, I decided to pursue my longstanding passion for writing and photography.

Through this travel blog and my published work, I enjoy capturing people, places and perspectives on and off the beaten path, shedding light on destinations untapped by mainstream tourism, as well as finding fresh takes on quintessential locales. Armed with an appetite for adventure, I love volcano trekking, scuba diving and feasting on durian. I have traveled to all 81 provinces in my beautiful country from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, and all 11 nations in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar (Burma) and Timor-Leste (East Timor).

Since starting this online journal in 2008, I have also written travel and adventure features on the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Taiwan, China (Hong Kong), South Korea, India, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. My work has been published in local and foreign travel publications such as Smile of Cebu Pacific Air; Silkwinds of SilkAir; SilverKris of Singapore Airlines; Jetstar Asia of Jetstar Airlines; Travel 3Sixty of AirAsia; Mabuhay of Philippine Airlines; and OutThere of AirNorth; Tiger Tales of Tiger Airways; Lonely Planet Traveller (Philippines); Gaya Travel (Malaysia) and Travel Now (Philippines).

Enjoy my recent work at my portfolio page.

On television, I’ve been featured in QTV and Living Asia Channel in the Philippines; and TV-3, NT-7 and My Tourism TV in Malaysia. I’ve collaborated with brands, companies and institutions as a guest speaker, model and brand ambassador. Moreover, I’ve worked with tourism agencies such as Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism – Indonesia,  Mekong Tourism, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Department of Tourism – Philippines, and Kerala Tourism in promoting their respective destinations.


What People Say


Edgar has a way with words. He describes each place he visits with such clarity and precision that the place becomes a character, a driver, the type you are dying to know more about; and the writer becomes the vehicle. His articles are short but is never deprived of action — a brief encounter but always remarkable.

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There are easily over 100 notable travel bloggers in the country and it’s hard picking out 1 from the fray, but when I need to anticipate my experiences in a new place, I check if Edgar’s been there.

Edgar’s travels have taken him to nearly every nook, cranny and province in the country. It’s also taken him to the 4 corners of the ASEAN countries. He’s probably one of the country’s best travelled journalists (and yes, he’s a journalist and there’s nothing run-of-the-mill about his content).

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Using both photos and words to tell his stories, Edgar describes his travels with such strong precision you’d feel like you’ve been to the places yourself.

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Ed has been there and done that, literally. He has traveled to all 81 Philippine provinces and all South East Asian countries. The best part of it is that he captured it all with his amazing talent.

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 Work with Me

I’m available for writing and photography assignments, speaking engagements, tour guiding, consultancy and collaborations. I also accept advertising on my website, preferably for travel-related products or services.

For inquiries and suggestions, please send me an email.