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Discover the Heritage, Nature & Food of San Juan, Batangas

Posted on June 5, 2023

Most people traveling to San Juan, Batangas – just a three-hour drive south of Metro Manila – simply head straight to Laiya Beach, one of the most popular weekend beach destinations from the Philippine capital. The famed coastline is dotted by beach resorts and, just 10 km away, Solmera Coast complements the town’s seaside attractions with a beachfront condotel development by DMCI Homes Leisure Residences at Barangays Calubcub II and Subukin. The sprawling property is a great spot to swim, bike,Read More

Spellbinding Siquijor: ‘Bolo-Bolo’ Folk Healing Rituals of Consolacion Achay

Posted on May 17, 2012

87-year-old Consolacion G. Achay has been performing bolo-bolo healing rituals for 45 years The insular province of Siquijor is best known for supernatural powers, both good and evil. While the notorious reputation of the island being an abode of barang or sorcery persists, there are also benevolent spiritualists called mananambal who harness the healing powers of rituals, prayer and herbal remedies. The most popular folk healer on the island is 87-year-old Consolacion G. Achay – or Nang Conching to her patients – whoRead More